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EHS Visible

How Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) can affect your life and what you can do about it

Call to Action

People who dare to think for themselves - to be critical - to take decisions - to dare to take responsibility - to take risks - to follow their heart.
Artists - Designers WE NEED YOU!

Visionaires who shape the future?
People of the Design Academy Lidewij Edelkoort WE NEED YOU!

How can we shape and convey our campaign better so that we reach everyone?
People of Saint Lucas WE NEED YOU!

Do you know how to make the invisible, visible?
People of Doc Feed WE NEED YOU!

Findings that we are going to pay less?
People of the TU/e (Ton Koonen) WE NEED YOU!

New scientific insights and developments show like in 'Generation Zapped'?
People of NatLab WE NEED YOU!

Create places where we REALLY TRUE each other without impetuous incentives? That's the future.
Architects Winy Maas and Investors WE NEED YOU!

Ever heard of the IEMFA appeal?
How serious are we going to take this? Doctors, GGD, hospitals what is the real truth?
Let the radiation and its impact on the social-physical and psychological level become visible and take it seriously.
Journalists WE NEED YOU!

Our suits are not fashion.
Designers Textile Museum Tilburg WE NEED YOU!

Are we going for safety and safety of our children?
Schools - Management - Parents WE NEED YOU!

We need our suits to make EHS and the impact visible to the most hidden and unrecognized refugees in the Netherlands.
Do you want to support us? WE NEED YOU!

We get images - information - incentives in which we sometimes have no freedom of choice.
To what extent are we entitled to this?
Anyone who wants to look into this.
Professor Belpomme WE NEED YOU!

Eindhoven as a luminous example?
Is the future Fotonics?
Eindhoven Municipality WE NEED YOU!

Ultimately, radiation surrounds us all and we must find solutions to help those that are affected by our boundless technologies so that together the world is livible for us all.

Together we go forward towards the solutions LETS GO!

DDW Thanks!

Together We Design Our NEW FUTURE


Tip #1

Don't keep your phone in your front pockets if you want kids ;-)

Coming Soon

Tip #3

Connect your computer to your router with an Ethernet cable. Use a headset with your Phone

Coming Soon

Tip #5

Use an analogue baby-fone, it causes less Bio-stress with your baby.

Coming Soon

Tip #6

Your router probably has settings with which you can reduce its radiation level by up to 90%

Coming Soon

Tip #2

Your router has timer settings that let you turn it off while you are sleeping

Coming Soon

Tip #7

Don't keep a DECT phone in your bedroom. It's irradiating you in your sleep!

Coming Soon

Tip #8

Turn off your phone while travelling by car, bus or plane to prevent increased radiation

Coming Soon

Tip #4

Be careful of Bluetooth devices, especially if worn on or near your body

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This is me

In my EHS protective suit. In it, I can move 'freely' through society, without getting sick.

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